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Who am I ?

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Passionate about travel, culture and human rights, I became a French teacher while living in Australia.

Holder of the DAEFLE, a diploma from the Alliance Française, I have developed an active and fun teaching method and multiplied my experiences abroad.

Graduate in International Development and Sociology, I am an advocate of a participatory community approach. hrough this site, I want to offer you the opportunity to learn French while supporting education projects in French-speaking countries. 


Social and Educational Entrepreneur 

Since 2020

Hop-là !

Social Development Project Manager

2018 - 2019

Community center (France)

Teacher of Literature

2017 - 2018
Secondary school (French Guiana)

Community Development Project Manager


Non-profit organisation (Togo)

French Teacher

2014 - 2016 
Language Institute (Portugal)

Language Coordinator (French)


Community center (Australia)

  • Coordinating social and educational development projects

  • Creating educational ressources for French online teaching

  • Coordinating social and educational development projects

  • Developing partnerships with associations in French-speaking countries

  • Setting up and implementing social media and communication campaigns

  • Led projects promoting social integration (community garden ; health and nutrition awareness activities ; community events etc )

  • Researched, devised and submitted grant proposals

  • Encouraged commitment and motivation among volunteers

  • Promoted the discovery and analysis of literary work

  • Implemented learning projects and developed critical thinking

  • Ensured students were confident and prepared for exams

  • Implemented a microcredit program in a rural area

  • Developed an action plan based on principles of popular education and empowerment

  • Organised and implemented training programs in the fields of management, accounting and organic agriculture

  • Created educational content according to the CEFR levels

  • Teaching in companies, universities, institutes (French for specific purposes)

  • Taught adults and adolescents at all levels

  • Created educational resources and syllabus programmes

  • Marketed  French courses

  • Taught adults beginners

And much more....

My professional background


Alliance Française, 2017 


Teaching French as a second or foreign language

ISCTE, 2016

Master's degree in in Development Studies

Local Diversities and Global Challenges

UFR SHLS, 2009

Master's degree in Sociology

Social Policy Analysis and Management

What my students say... 


Sabine creates engaging lessons, tailored to suit your interests and needs. She finds ways to explain even the most challenging and complex concepts in ways that are easy to understand. French can be an intimidating language to study. But Sabine knows how to put her students at ease and make it fun to learn. Sharp, organized, and imminently patient. 



L’apprentissage de la langue française avec Sabine est une expérience très positive. J’ai un soutien vraiment complet. Je sens mon évolution dans mes objectifs : parler et écrire en français. Et ma confiance quand je parle ou écris en français est impressionnante ! 


Sabine is an inspirational teacher ! She is continually researching new material for her classes to motivate students. She has a lovely sense of humour but at the same time takes her teaching very seriously and always insists that students do homework….this is undoubtedly important and accelerates one’s learning progress…

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